Exciting new lot opportunities are now available in the thriving new community of Westwinds in Morinville. If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to build your dream home on your perfect lot in your ideal neighborhood, now is your chance!

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Designed With Family In Mind

Located in southwest Morinville, Westwinds offers you and your family the best selection of new and affordable single-family homes ranging from front-attached properties with triple car garages to beautifully crafted laned models. Lot options in Westwinds are equally diverse and include walkout and partial walkout parcels, corner lots, and everything in between.

Why Buy a Lot in Westwinds?

Purchasing a lot from one of our esteemed builders comes with endless advantages! From floor plan to features, Westwinds’ builders will go out of their way to showcase your unique style and create a home specifically suited to your wants and needs. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s “a lot” to choose from in Westwinds.

Other advantages include:

Larger Selection

Have you been dreaming of a pie-shaped lot offering plenty of room for your kids and pets to play? Or perhaps you’d prefer a unique walkout parcel with scenic waterfront views? With so many options to choose from in Westwinds, it’s much easier to find the perfect match to your wants and needs.

Reduced Lot Pricing 

In up-and-coming communities like Westwinds in Morinville, lot prices are more affordable than in larger cities like St. Albert and Edmonton. Not only do lots tend to be less expensive, but they may also come in larger pocket sizes!

Greater Control Over Your New Home Budget

Choosing your own builder will allow you greater control over your new home building costs. Whether you opt for a top-to-bottom custom design or a budget-friendly basic model, the choice is yours regarding how much (or little) you want to spend on your home’s finishes and features.

Community Insight 

Experienced developers have a reputation for creating thoughtfully designed communities. Purchasing your lot early will give you greater insight into the development of the community as a whole, including up-and-coming amenities such as recreation spaces, shops, services, and other extras that may add to the neighborhood’s overall appeal.

Appreciation Over Time 

Buying into a neighborhood during the early stages of development is often an excellent investment. Not only can you benefit from lower pricing, but you’re likely to see an increase in your land and home value as other properties and amenities crop up around you.

How Much Can You Save By Choosing a Lot in Westwinds in Morinville?

As mentioned above, choosing a lot in communities such as Westwinds in Morinville can lead to substantial savings. In fact, compared to larger cities such as St. Albert, the difference can amount to tens of thousands of dollars! 

Let’s take a look at the numbers using a 1,700-square-foot starter home as an example. We will be using the formula:

M = P [ r(1+r)^n ] / [ (1+r)^n – 1]

where M is the monthly mortgage payment, P is the mortgage amount, r is the monthly interest rate, and n is the total number of payments.

Mortgage Comparison on starter homes In Morinville vs. St Albert (1,700 sq. ft). 

  • Home Price in Morinville: $470,000
  • Home Price in St. Albert: $550,000
  • Mortgage Rate: 5% fixed rate
  • Mortgage Term: 30 years (360 months)
  • Down Payment: 5% of the home price for both scenarios

Monthly Mortgage Payment in Morinville:

  • Down Payment: 5% of $470,000 = $23,500
  • Mortgage Amount: $470,000 – $23,500 = $446,500
  • Monthly Interest Rate: 5% / 12 months = 0.00417
  • Total Number of Payments: 30 years * 12 months = 360 months
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment in Morinville: M = $446,500 [ 0.00417(1+0.00417)^360 ] / [ (1+0.00417)^360 – 1] M ≈ $2,507.40

Monthly Mortgage Payment in St. Albert:

  • Down Payment: 5% of $550,000 = $27,500
  • Mortgage Amount: $550,000 – $27,500 = $522,500
  • Monthly Interest Rate: 5% / 12 months = 0.00417
  • Total Number of Payments: 30 years * 12 months = 360 months
  • Monthly Mortgage Payment in St. Albert: M = $522,500 [ 0.00417(1+0.00417)^360 ] / [ (1+0.00417)^360 – 1] M ≈ $2,938.21

In short, not only are home and lot prices more affordable in Morinville, but you’ll also enjoy a lower down payment and reduced monthly mortgage payments overall!

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